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There are 1000’s of crypto’s to invest in for 2018. What should you pick?

  • Someone with only 100 bitcoins today or more is actually a millionaire in USD.
  • You could get rich from very little with the right investment.
  • There are 1000’s of crypto currencies to choose from today.
  • If you invest at the right time, your chance to earn profit skyrockets!

Don’t be left in the dust, there’s no excuse not to profit. There are 1000’s of people getting rich, while those that depend on the value of the USD continue to suffer.

  • Large organizations like Walt Disney and JP Morgan have already jumped into Crypto.
  • US Banks provide no interest any longer(at least anything worth while).
  • Invest your USD into something that’s actually worth while, before it’s too late!

There must be a sustainable option to invest your money somewhere, right?

  • Real Estate is always a great investment option.
    Can you afford property or a house you’re willing to rent out?
  • Silver remains a super reliable investment through history.
  • Penny Stocks have turned some amateurs into millionaires!
    Your broker would call you a “noob” though.
  • Yourself
    Come up with an idea worth focusing on that is valuable. Save up money, and turn your idea into reality.
  • Your Friends
    Find local businesses to invest in. The reward for helping your local community is priceless.
  • Crypto Currency!
    For real cash growth, your best bet for abundant short and long term growth is the right crypto coin.

What better way to gain back your retirement than converting your USD into Crypto Coins?

I want to make sure my parents have a way to learn how to get involved in crypto currency, because I’m worried they’re going to lose their retirement, if there’s another market crash like in 2008. Forbes, Bills Gates, ABC, Fortune, and many experts agree the crash is on it’s way.

Click here to learn how to invest your USD into Crypto Coins.

Crytpo Coin to Invest USD

If you would have spent $100 on Bitcoin 10 years ago, you’d be a millionaire today!










bout Keys

The Earth Nation is a planetary alliance of change makers and partner organizations and communities. Without the limitations of geopolitical and cultural borders, and with the innovation of internet and blockchain technology, the Earth Nation is unifying a harmonious humankind where inclusivity and mutual benefit for all ethics determine our path.

With the backing of tens of thousands of members, world-changing humanitarian partners, and decades deep roots, Earth Nation has launched a regenerative currency system to equitably distribute decision making and wealth called, Equality Keys.

Backed by millions in assets, and fully functional and tested decentralized economic and governance systems for any organizations use, Keys are an intelligent and sensical solution to an economic system now failing the well-being of humanity and Earth. Our intelligent decentralized user-friendly systems are designed to bring the best of blockchain technology forward for our collective success.

We’ll learn more about Keys soon. For now, know that Keys are the backbone, and a unifying trade economy for humankind to get our needs met and transition to a productive life-giving economic system. Keys empower us to serve each other without relying on fiat – government/corporate/military currency and can be earned, exchanged for services, goods, and experiences, transferred, sold, bought, and held as investment like any other stock or cryptocurrency.



To reduce and transform tyranny, poverty, slavery, and violent warfare by making tools, support systems and networks for decentralization easily available to all people.

For the purpose of fairly distributing wealth and decision making to give our children and all children that come after them a Planetary Culture that supports and empowers a healthy thriving humankind in ecological harmony with our Earth.

Earth Nation MISSION

The Earth Nation mission is to facilitate the development of decentralized and ethical alternatives to every government and corporate product and service by providing infinitely scalable, fully interoperable and completely decentralized systems of business, politics, and economics. This empowers freedom and the end of poverty and systems of corruption and abuse that profit the few.

Our systems combine land based communities, social media networks, business, currencies, decision-making, law, blockchain technology and the physical world together to seamlessly create a new form of culture and systemic governance that truly supports humankind.

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