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A Local PA Hero?

Well, I’m no hero, but the fact is I’ve saved a lot of businesses from marketing crisis. Clients that have chosen my services have went on to make six to eight figures in sales, after months of hard work on creative marketing strategies.

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I specialize in driving local inbound sales traffic that ensures customer growth for all types of businesses, & guarantee your satisfaction.

Recent Work

TPC Design (Hummelstown)

  • Website Re-Design
  • Brand Identity
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Logo & Graphics Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Sales Strategy
Business Consulting SEO Client

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Brand Design & Sales Strategy

With millions of dollars in sales from successful rebranding strategies we’ll work with you to draw in more customers & boost your market presence.

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Branding is critical for any business to grow word of mouth sales and retrieve consistent return customers. We've generated millions of dollars in sales without branding strategies and innovative approach to rebranding and companies in need for adaptation in the marketplace to maximize sales and share ability.

There are dozens of useful tactics and technologies available for businesses to develop a growing sales strategy that produces consistent sales and if a business can...


Website Development & eCom

Offering stylish, mobile-first, web design & ecommerce websites that are elegant, boost sales, conversion rates & increase customer engagement.

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An up-to-date, stylish and smooth website is paramount for the success of any business in the modern age. As the technological revolution ensues new tactics, tools and resources become available every day that can be implemented in the web development process to achieve leading results by all industry standards for any type of products or services.

Just like every particular business brand  has it's own unique working formula such as customer demographics, price-points and style the website design process must be...


GEO Targeting / Maps Sales

With millions of views to our businesses at a local, regional & national scale this is our secret influencer weapon to help you skyrocket your sales overnight.

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As a highly ranked influencer, with millions of views on Google My Business alone I can assure you that focusing on the process of expanding your maps and geo-targeting presence will become critical for your business at a rapid rate. 

Most businesses haven’t allocated much of their budget for geomarketing yet, but if I was you and I wanted to increase my sales overnight I would focus on this is the number one factor to leverage the most...


Social Media Management

We can help you manage your social media, increase audience activity, & produce entertaining copy to blow up business popularity.

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There are dozens of trending social media communities out there to focus on from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, QQ and Tumblr to LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, TikTok, community forums, Viber, Snapchat etc. For any business who truly wants to consistently grow their social media engagement you'll want an expert on deck to keep things updated on a regular basis.

It can be overwhelming for business owners to go from their day to day specialty of providing the best products and services possible to their customers and manage all of the social media platforms that are...


SEO / Search Engine Optimization

We’ll expand your business sales & online popularity in search engine results, while increasing return customers, & word-of-mouth referrals.

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Since the average customer searches for the products and services they need right from their phone or computer it's critical to have a reputable ranking for any successful business in search engines. 

With 18 years of SEO experience, providing organic search marketing for hundreds of websites I'm able to guarantee a boost in sales that far exceeds...


Copywriting, Video & Media

We provide engaging copy, photos & media for all customer demographics & successful sales strategies for every type of business, local-to-global.

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Providing voiceovers, photography and robust video content to promote businesses and increase sales is one of our leading strategies to keep up with the demand of evolving customers. 

Writing useful copy for your particular customers is extremely important to guarantee success on a website. These materials can be used in social media and other forms of digital marketing as well.

Exciting videos for your business that engage new and existing customers is an innovative way to increase online sales, word of mouth customers and...


Audience Analytics

Proficient at strategic analysis of sales, trends, search & customer data metrics to boost profits & expand outreach on a consistent basis.

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You don't have to use Google Analytics and such if you don't want to, even just the basic website visitor statistics are so advanced that it is possible to gather hundreds of data points that will give you a better understanding of how to grow your customer base, expand business outreach and target or retarget sales.

Today web audience analytics and human activity metrics have been combined with machine learning and artificial intelligence that can make or break businesses...


Phone Text & Email Marketing

Audience engagement automation & custom SMS message / email systems that speak to your customers and resonate more sales.

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We provide advanced, creative email marketing strategies that go hand in hand with various digital marketing tools and resources to help promote new sales and provide engaging, useful user experiences that add to the value of products and services in such a fashion that can increase purchase rates and average basket sales.

Digital technologies for customer management are extremely important to provide  return customers and consistently keep visitors entertained with useful relevant copy and media that will ensure branding growth, maximize day today outreach and...


Local Web Design, SEO & Sales Questions

How Can You Help My Business?

The proof is in the pudding, and I have 18 years of experience, boosting customer outreach & inbound sales for all types of businesses, small & large.

From medical, yoga, fitness, massage, health & wellness to consultants, B2B, B&B, retail, eCom, construction, automotive, musicians & artists I’ve satisfied all clients, plus guaranteed ROI.

What Brought You to Pennsylvania?

My best friend had a severe concussion and I wanted to make sure she was close to her family. Once I made it out here I fell in love with the heritage of the people, the landscape and all the nature. Before I knew it I had an awesome new web design and SEO project in my lap, so I decided to rent a commercial / residential space on Main Street, in Hummelstown PA. 

Can You Tell Me About Your First Project?

My first project out here in Pennsylvania started with a local inventor who has products in medical, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing markets. The scope included a new website, SEO campaign and digital marketing strategy to increase sales and outreach capacity for over a hundred product designs and patents. This is one of my most exciting projects so far!

What’s the Work Like Out Here in PA?

The medical industry in the region is thriving, but many small businesses are looking for improved local sales. Some of the family owned shops don’t know how to utilize digital marketing technologies or have their own online sales strategies, yet. 

We’re helping many businesses in the region to maximize their sales during these challenging times utilizing cutting edge digital innovations that work seamlessly for all types of businesses to draw in more customers locally and online.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the methodology implemented on websites to provide content that is accessed by search engine robots. Search engines like Google have a specific algorithm, and this formula is important to understand in order to rank your business the best. SEO makes your website do the sales legwork for your business by utilizing the right keywords and content on your website, to boost inbound sales.

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is the doctor of search engine presence. They understand the magical formula behind search engine AI, which helps businesses rank the best in Google, Youtube, Bing, etc. thus bringing businesses more customers directly from internet searches.

Fresh Projects

With the physical isolation that started in spring, there is quite the rise of businesses in need of increased online presence. Web Design Leader provides the best business practices to make it easier to interact with customers remotely and increase inbound sales.

SEO Business Consulting Case Study

Commercial Consultant

This is an exciting project for a top inventor with over 100 product patents who offers consulting to medical, aerospace, automotive and commercial product inventors.

Web Design SEO Example


e-Farmer’s is a not-for-profit project to assist the virtualization of farmers markets, for farmers to sell their goods locally using an online eCommerce platform with coordinator features.

SEO Business Systems Case Study

Business to Business

GLBSI is a business printers company who now receives an average of 20 customers per month from Google after we rebuilt their website and enhanced their business presence online.

Happy Customers

Health Food Store SEO

A bright, creative, productive part of the team. Whenever I needed a task done quickly as an opportunity presented itself for marketing, web, or SEO, Abe was always there for me. Some of our most successful marketing campaigns were because of Abe’s creative initiative.

Joan Johnson

President, Health Food Marketplace

Musician SEO

His level of expertise is phenominal and I couldn’t have done it without him, he is honest, good spirited, willing to work and punctual.

Robert Abate

Founder & Owner

Medical Hospital SEO

Abe was very instrumental in helping us meet the tight transition deadlines. He successfully recreated the site content in our CMS. His knowledge of HTML allowed him to work very independently. He was conscientious and thorough in his efforts, which resulted in an acceptable end product. I believe he would be an asset to your corporate team.

Sherri Conkle

Systems Architect, Munson Medical Center



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For 18 years I've helped many businesses overcome sales challenges, from six to eight figures. As the founder of Web Design Leader, we'll work directly together to ensure your success, solve your marketing problems and rapidly increase your customers.

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