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Webmaster Forums Best OnlineThere’s a never ending flood of forums online and it can be hard to discern the right communities to join. Sometimes we get caught up wasting time joining accounts for forums that we end up regretting.

So, I wanted to mention the Best Webmaster Forums online, before it’s too late.

Rather than go through some crazy list with a count down… I’ll start with the best, and perhaps expound on more later.

#1 Web Hosting Talk

Web Hosting Talk is my favorite all around experienced webmaster forum on the internet, still today. I’ve been using WHT for 15 years. When I started my web design career I used WHT and found the right people to help me get what I needed, before I was an adult I had a .com and hosting, and everything, thanks to WHT.

Within 3 years of webmastership I explored SEO (Search Engine Optimization) quite extensively and had incredible results. It’s with much thanks to this community that I am the founder of Web Design Leader.


Digital Point is another great forum.

Site Point is a good resource.

I’ll update this more later!

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