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WordPress WP OAuth Google SSO Registration/Login Plugin Privacy Policy

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OAuth WP Login App Privacy Statement

Information We Collect

Our WP OAuth Login app facilitates authentication using your Google account. When you use Google OAuth to sign up or log in, we temporarily receive the following information from your Google profile for the sole purpose of creating or accessing your WordPress user account:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • [Optional: Profile Picture]

Data Storage

We do not store any Google OAuth data on our servers. All user profile and authentication information is stored securely within your own WordPress database.

Information Sharing

We do not share your Google profile information or authentication data with any third-parties.

Your Rights

You can disconnect your Google account from your WordPress site at any time through your WordPress user profile settings.

Changes to this Statement

We may update this privacy statement occasionally. If we make significant changes, we will post a notice on our website [or within the app, if possible].

Contact Us

If you have questions about this privacy statement, please contact us at: [Provide your contact email]

Points to Emphasize:

  • Transparency: Be upfront about the temporary data usage for authentication.
  • Data Minimization: Reiterate that you do not store any user data beyond what’s essential for the OAuth flow.

Where to Display This:

  • WordPress Plugin Repository: Submit this privacy statement if your plugin is hosted there.
  • Your Website: If you have a website for the plugin, create a dedicated “Privacy Policy” page.
  • README File: Include it in your plugin’s README file within the code repository.

Additional Considerations:

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